Adding a listing

Adding a listing is easy.

You need to click on Create a Listing on the top of our website.

Once you have done this an account will be created and you will be able to follow the instructions below.

Creating a listing in your dashboard

Step 1 – Select your package

Login to your account, then click on add listing. You should see your listing package already purchased. Ensure this is ticked and then click on Submit Listing.

Adding a listing

Step 2 – Business Name & Category

Add your business name and choose a category. The “Features” will appear if your category has them created.

Adding a listing

Step 3 – Location

Start typing your address in the address field, then select the correct one. This will auto populate the longitude and latitude – without this filled out your listing will not display on the map.

You are also able to drag the pin on the map and move it if you would prefer a different option.

The “friendly address” is what is displayed to users on the site.

Adding a listing

Step 4 – Gallery/Details/ Opening Hours & Pricing Menu

Please fill out the information that is relevant to your business.

The Gallery section will allow you to add photos. By selecting (clicking on a photo) one of the uploaded photos you will set it as Featured Image, the image that appears in the search page (marked by icon with star). Drag and drop thumbnails to re-order images in gallery.

 Please note open hours you need to select your listing timezone as the server timezone is set to Melbourne. 

If you have purchased a listing and would like us to check or assist with any of the steps listed on this page, please contact us at [email protected] 

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