STRATA PETS | Your pet in your apartment …

21 Toorak Road, South Yarra VIC, Australia

We help pets and their families get approval to live in strata title and other kinds of housing where they need permission, and we help manage their [and everyone else’s] ongoing welfare, health and happiness.

When you and your pet join Strata Pets, we do all the hard work to get your pet approved by the strata body, your landlord, or other property owners for you on fair conditions. Plus, we keep everything relating to your pet and the approval online with ongoing updates, reminders, tools, and other help to keep everything under control.

It’s the best way to make sure your only pet worries are what to next with your pet.

Plus, where approval isn’t given for your pet or there are problems in your building, we can help you ourselves and connect you to our network of pet-loving professionals who can help you resolve things.

We’re local too. Based in South Yarra, with close contacts in that area and nearby suburbs.


  • Pet Approval

    Approval incl 1 Year Membership

    $ 200.00
  • Annual Membership
    $ 125.00


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