The boarding kennel for Northern Tasmania’s most beloved pets

Do your furry, four-legged friends wonder where all the coolest dogs and cats in Glengarry go?

Don’t let them sit at home alone all day, staring at the sky and wondering what else is out there! If you’re going on holiday, don’t leave it up to a neighbour to pop in for five minutes and empty a can for your beloved pet.

When you have to leave your darling pets, leave them at our boarding kennel, and they will love you for it! Not only do we take dogs and cats, we have experience caring for birds, ferrets, domestic pet rats, mice rabbits and more. Pet massage, acupuncture and “equissage” therapies are also available!

Of course your pets will miss you, but instead of missing you all alone, they will be missing you in a fun, vibrant, safe and healthy environment in Glengarry! And who knows, they might even make a new friend. 


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