A great park for kids, with playground and picnic facilities. Dogs can enjoy a large off-leash area with doggy bags available. The off-leash area is on the northern side of the creek at the corner of McManus and Bolton streets.

History behind the name

Bunny Jarrett, nee Williams, was a long time resident in North Queensland who died in Cairns on 3 January 2001, aged 80.  Jo Atherton (Bunny) Jarrett was a member of the Atherton family, the Far North Queensland pioneering founders of Chillagoe Station.  Bunny began her long career in journalism with the Cairns Post before 1950.  She married Norman Jarrett while living on the Chillagoe Station in the early 1950’s.  Bunny had a life-long love of animals and was a founding member of the Far North Queensland Amateur Turf Club and was a tireless supporter of YAPS (Young Animal Protection Society).  She also actively supported the Cairns Regional Gallery



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