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Hi, I’m Dan 👋

Over a year ago I adopted George a 4 month old rescue Bull Arab cross. George started off as a very nervous puppy due to his litter being abandoned. The good news is he is now a grown-up, confident, well behaved, and very happy dog.

After adopting George I had trouble finding dog friendly places, however thanks to some spare time during Melbourne’s multiple lockdowns I decided to create Dog Central. A site that is fast, easy to use and with lots of places I can take George. 

This site is still a work in progress. More places will be added, the sites speed and the data quality will continue to be improved. Also a mobile APP will be built in the future.

I hope you and your dog(s) enjoy this site and get to spend more time together exploring new dog friendly places.


Dan & George

Frequently asked questions

It’s super easy, click on list my business up the top.

Yes, there will always be a free plan.

We do also have a paid plan that means your business comes up first on searches. It has a few other extra things too. 

Not yet, but the website is mobile friendly.

Yes! Please do! To do this click the contact us button up the top. There will be an option to suggest a place. 

About us
About us